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5 Scholarships in the UK That Will Fully Fund Your Education

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It can be difficult to find ways to fund your education, especially if you’re an international student hoping to study in the UK. Luckily, there are tons of great scholarships available that are designed specifically with international students in mind and that cover 100% of your tuition and living expenses for the duration of your education. If you’re looking to study in the UK, here are five of the best scholarships available to help fully fund your education!

Scholarships from UK Government
The government of United Kingdom has set aside millions of pounds to offer scholarships to International students wishing to pursue a postgraduate program at British universities. These full-funding grants are awarded based on merit and financial need. The main intention behind these scholarships is to encourage international students who have shown excellent academic performance during their undergraduate studies and wish to pursue higher education in United Kingdom. Apart from British Council, there are other organizations offering scholarship programs for international students who want to study abroad including: Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, Mandela Rhodes Scholarship and Gates Cambridge Scholarship among others.

Scholarships from Local Councils
Local councils can provide funding for a range of different things. For example, some may offer bursaries for you to study a specific course, others may pay towards your childcare or other living costs. Search for local scholarships and see what’s available by contacting your local council directly. If you want to know more about how to find out about scholarships that are available, check out our post on finding money for university. You could also consider applying for an apprenticeship with your local council—they often have fully funded training schemes available.

Scholarship Opportunities From Different Companies

  1. Kellogg Foundation is awarding 60 students a $10,000 scholarship to study business at one of its affiliated schools. It’s open to all high school seniors with plans to attend college in 2017, provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn at least 12 college credits during their senior year. The award will be for $1,000 per year for four years, and is renewable for up to two additional years if students maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and complete eight courses from an approved list. 2 . The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Program awards multiple scholarships annually to current college sophomores through doctoral candidates who demonstrate academic achievement and commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, be pursuing degrees in business or STEM fields, have demonstrated leadership skills and participate in community service activities. The program has more than $2 million available for distribution each year. 3 . EMC is offering full-tuition scholarships to women pursuing careers in information technology (IT) related fields who are attending college within six months of graduation from high school or receipt of a GED equivalent diploma by June 30th of that same year. Eligible majors include computer science, software engineering, information systems management and technical support services administration/management; however, applicants must express interest in working within EMC’s information technology field upon graduation.

Different Award Types
There are lots of ways to get help with your education. One of these is scholarships, which you’ll find awarded based on a number of different factors. Award types include both merit-based and need-based awards, as well as various ethnic, religious and special interest awards. Some are offered through your school or university; others are sponsored by non-profit organizations and corporations. And yes, some will cover all or most of your tuition bill, but many more will only cover a portion of your tuition costs—or even just offer a cash reward to help defray some of your educational expenses. If you’re planning to attend an undergraduate program at a British university, it’s important that you investigate all your scholarship options early on. The earlier you start looking for assistance, the better chance you have of finding free money for college!

How to Apply for a Scholarship
The most important thing you can do when looking for scholarships is to start as early as possible. Be sure to check with your school’s financial aid office, and apply for any loans or grants that might be available to you. If you know what kind of degree you want, it may also be a good idea to reach out directly to schools offering programs related to your field of interest; many of them offer scholarships and grants aimed at attracting promising candidates who meet specific criteria. Don’t wait until your senior year (or even junior year) to begin applying—that’s way too late! The sooner you get started, the better off you’ll be. And don’t limit yourself to just one scholarship search engine: Do an online search for scholarship along with your major, location, etc., and see what comes up. Finally, don’t forget about local sources: There are likely organizations near you that will help fund an education if you need assistance paying tuition. For example, there are thousands of scholarships available through community foundations across America. These awards range from $500-$1 million dollars per year and they’re open to students from all backgrounds regardless of race or gender.

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