Find Europe Scholarships to Finance Your Study Abroad as an International Student

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If you’re an international student looking to study abroad in Europe, don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Since 2004, Erasmus+ has been offering hundreds of thousands of students every year the chance to study abroad in Europe at least once during their university education. But how do you know if you qualify? If you’re from outside the EU and are an international student, you may be eligible for one of these Europe Scholarships! Here’s how to find them!

Great Britain: List of Available Scholarships for UK Universities

A number of organisations provide scholarships and awards for UK study at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. Some are available to applicants from a particular country or region, others focus on a specific subject area. Most support for international students is provided by individual colleges, universities and departments in one of three ways: through bursaries (scholarships), student loans or fee waivers. There are also opportunities for undergraduate summer schools, short courses and language courses.

France: List of Available Scholarships for French Universities

The following list includes all international scholarship programs in France. All scholarships provide academic, research, and study abroad opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who want to pursue their education at French universities. They are open to international students (non-French citizens) with different criteria based on each scholarship program. Most scholarships require strong academic background; commitment, leadership qualities and financial need are also considered when applying for these awards. You can apply for one or more of these scholarship programs depending on your profile and career goals; however, you should choose only those that best fit your profile so you can stand out from other applicants.

Netherlands: List of Available Scholarships for Dutch Universities

Although students of all nationalities are welcome to apply for Dutch University scholarships, there are some specific programs that are only available for foreign students from a list of specified countries. So make sure you have one of these countries on your passport or ID before applying. There is a huge variety of awards across all subjects with 10,000 Euros up for grabs each year at Erasmus University Rotterdam alone. Some financial aid is available in exchange for coursework and others will cover living expenses. To be eligible, you must have a Dutch residency permit and have either completed high school in your home country or in another EU country. When researching schools online, don’t forget to check out university websites outside of Holland!

Germany: List of Available Scholarship to Finance a Degree in Germany

Germany is world-renowned for their higher education system, and students from all over globe apply for studies in Germany every year. However, a high cost of studying and living could stop some international students on their way towards degrees at one of Germany’s many renowned universities. Thankfully, numerous scholarship funds have been established by federal states, German companies, non-profit organizations and even private individuals who want to finance study abroad scholarships. This guide provides information about available scholarships that enable international students to study in Germany as well as tips for applying for funding opportunities.

Italy: List of Available Fellowships, Grants and Other Funding Opportunities

Grants can cover a diverse array of expenses, such as tuition, housing and study abroad. Depending on your field of study, fellowship opportunities exist in Italy. For example, those with an interest in archaeology may qualify for fellowships through major organizations like the Arcadia Fund or The British School at Rome. Students who are passionate about environmentalism may be eligible for grants from institutions like Greenpeace or Friends of Nature. Many different types of organizations offer grants for travel and study abroad; doing research is key when it comes to finding one that matches your passions and interests. Write a post about how others can get funding for their studies overseas!

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