4 TikTok Food Trends That You Should Try in 2022

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TikTok has grown by leaps and bounds and led to a surge in food trends. Every month, there are 65 million Americans that actively use TikTok, scrolling through an endless stream of entertaining and creative content.

From lip syncs, dance routines, memes to beauty hacks, TikTok has always been known as the fertile ground for creative content that speaks to Gen Z.

But did you know the platform is also a springboard for foodies to create an array of viral content, ranging from cooking hacks, hot wing challenge to “muk bang”? The buzzword “FoodTok” was invented to describe these types of viral TikTok videos that leave your mouth watering.

Back in 2020, Gigi Hadid posted a tutorial for spicy vodka pasta on her Instagram story and much started a food trend on pretty all the other platforms like TikTok.

If you’re a foodie that wants to keep up with the TikTok food trends, then look no further than a list of viral videos and food trends below!

1. Barbecue Burger Mukbang

The traditional “muk bang” is just a live-streamed video where the audience watch the content creator eats or shares their “food haul”. While it’s satisfying and relaxing to watch, there are outlandish influencers like Eli who puts a twist on the classic “muk bang” and kick it up a notch. After all, the personalities and stories behind those videos are what truly attract the audience in the first place.

The video features him eating two double burgers, which is served on a toasted brioche bun, topped with jalapeño cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños and crispy onion tanglers. Big Deal Burger is known for making barbecue burgers that feature bold flavors. Wondering what a barbecue burger is?

Well, we’re not talking about just a burger that’s topped with barbecue sauce, but a barbecue burger that’s topped with the most authentic Texas barbecue. Be sure to pair your burger with side dishes like cajun fries, cheese fries, mac and cheese, Texas toast, buffalo ranch fries, you name it!

If you’re a proud foodie from the Lone Star state, then be sure to check out Big Deal Burger. Originally launched in Dallas, Big Deal Burger now offers food delivery, wedding catering, corporate catering and graduation catering in 45 locations across 12 states, including California, Arizona, New York, Florida, Colorado, Michigan and North Carolina.

2. Crank Up the Heat with Hot Wings

Signing a waiver and surviving a hot wing challenge is fun and games but showing the most genuine reaction to spicy chicken wings on TikTok is worth a thousand words. Are you on the hunt for buffalo hot wings?

Then Wing Boss would be your best bet. Featuring different levels of spice like Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Hot and Atomic flavors, Wing Boss is kicking the heat up a notch this summer with buffalo chicken wings. Aside from buffalo flavors, Wing Boss also offers other flavors like Spicy Korean, Thai Sweet Chilli and Mango Habanero. Take your pick!

Spice your game days or game nights up with the best hot wings. Hot wings are perfect for curbing your munchies on a game day. Get those succulent wings delivered straight to your name and don’t forget to pair it with beers or cocktails with your friends!

And here’s another goofy and entertaining “muk bang” from Eli!

3. Too Hot to Handle – Nashville Hot Chicken

They say it’s all in the sauce! This TikTok video is a combination of a video collage and reverse video highlighting the sauce of the hot chicken sandwich. Available for pickup, catering and food delivery, Trailer Birds offers hot, crispy, Nashville style hot chicken with cooked-to-order levels of hot sauces like ranch, blue cheese, comeback sauce and jalapeno cheese sauce.

Wondering what Nashville hot chicken is? Well, it’s basically fried chicken with a major kick. All you need to know is that it’s not for the faint-hearted, so don’t forget to wash it down with an ice-cold drink or beer! You can find crispy chicken tenders, hand cut fries and sides like mac and cheese, hot tot and Texas Toast.

4. Texas Barbecue Sandwich Cooking Hacks

Take your breakfast sandwich to the next level with this TikTok cooking hack. If you’re a carnivore like me or want to spice things up, then forget about the so-called rule of thumb or ratio of meat to bread, or fillings to condiments, etc. This video features Texas Barbecue from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit which has been known as the staple of Texan cuisine.

We’re seeing more unorthodox cooking hacks like this on TikTok that are putting a twist on the classic, which goes to show how TikTok is inspiring more food connoisseurs to think outside the box.

Not all meat can earn the privilege of being called barbecue. Texas Barbecue is a slow cooking process that uses a closed lid and indirect heat that surrounds the meat. Most people confuse it with grilling. Grilling uses direct heat and is used for small cuts of meat like steaks whereas Texas Barbecue is used for large cuts.

The meat-smoking traditions of Texas Barbecue were bought by German and Czech settlers during the mid-19th century. Butchers back then would smoke the leftover meat, allowing it to be stored longer and over time those leftovers became popular.

The “FoodTok” landscape is full of outlandish, creative and mouthwatering concoctions. Gone were the days where only acclaimed chefs were flavored by the social media algorithm. Cooking is for everyone, and social media has made cooking much easier especially for students since the recipes there are budget-friendly and convenient.

With more content creators recreating or putting a twist on classic recipes and “muk bang” videos, social media content has led to a surge in a wide array of food trends that leave us all drooling.

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