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In many aspects, Slovakia is a country of traditions. Slovakians tend to live by tradition, and this certainly applies to local cuisine. Original Slovak recipes were passed on through generations and despite the increasing popularity of international food choices, traditional foods continued to be the preferred staple in Slovakian households and eateries.

Traditional Slovak deserts are incredibly popular and sought after delicacies, with many options to choose from. Some sweets and cakes are actually served as the main course, since they are flour-based and quite filling. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, traditional Slovak deserts and sweet foods.

1. Parené buchty

Parené buchty
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These buns are one of the most well-known, sweet, flour-based main courses all across Slovakia. They are quick, easy, and cheap to make. The dough is made with very few ingredients, flour, milk, egg, yeast, sugar and salt. While children certainly prefer them, every adult will eat one every once in a while.

They are steamed over hot water and stuffed with a variety of fillings such as different jams, chocolate, or Nutella. They are topped off with melted butter, powdered sugar, and cocoa. A perfect choice for a sweet and hearty lunch or dinner.

2. Pečené buchty

Pečené buchty

Another type of flour-based bun, the main difference being that they are baked not steamed. The preparation is very similar to steamed buns but once the dough is ready they are baked in the oven. They are stuffed with different fillings and topped with powdered sugar.

Baked buns are very traditional in Slovakia and they are prepare for many social occasions where food is served. It is very typical for grandmothers to prepare them when their grandchildren come over for a weekend visit.

3. Závin: Makový, Orechový, Tvarohový, Jablkový


Austrians refer to this cake as strudel, a name internationally recognised. Slovaks call it both a strudel and a roll. A specialty that requires a lot of patience and experience to make from scratch, it is essentially a dough flattened, filled, and rolled then baked.

The dough has to be made just right because it is very soft and can easily break when flattening it with a roller. It is flattened very thin, covering the whole table. Four types of filling are traditionally used – poppy seed, walnut, a type of cottage cheese called tvaroh, and apple.

4. Krémeš


This is probably the most luxurious desert on our list and is made for very special occasions such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and other significant occasions. It is quite delicate, combining white pudding on the bottom and thick whipped cream on top, enclosed in a thin, crunchy puff pastry on both sides.

A little bit of alcohol is usually added to the pudding, either rum or cognac. It is quite easy to make and is extremely delicious. If your goal is to find a desert that feels like it melts in your mouth, krémeš is a fabulous choice.

5. Veterník


This is a French profiterole but is incredibly popular in Slovakia. You can get them in every patisserie, most coffee shops, and even at grocery stores. Veternik is similar to krémeš but it is a lot sweeter and people get them when they crave a true sugar bomb. They are thick whipped cream in between two pastry puffs topped with a caramelized glaze.

The caramelized glaze makes this desert extremely sweet, so it is not for everyone. A great choice to satisfy your sweet tooth and sugar cravings.

6. Žemlovka


This awesome and very filling desert is native to Slovakia and Czechia. It is a soufflé, or a mix of milk, bread, and fruit, usually apples or pears. It is quite common to eat it as the main course for lunch in eateries and restaurants.

It is quite simple to prepare. A few layers of white bread alternated with apples are soaked in milkand baked. Once cooked, it is topped off with sugar, cinnamon, or both. Žemlovka has a soft taste, it is just a little sweet, served warm, and makes for a very hearty lunch.

7. Buplanina


One of the most common traditional cakes in Slovakia is bublanina. It is similar to a sponge cake and is very simple to make. Each ingredient is measured with the same cup, making it very easy to prepare and the amounts can be doubled or even tripled up.

Two cups of flour, one cup of sugar, one cup of milk, half a cup of oil, two eggs, baking soda, vanilla sugar are all mixed together with the fruit of choice placed on the dough before baking. A very simple and tasty desert, it is perfect for any occasion.

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