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Cat + Gamer Volume 1 by Wataru Nadatani, translated by Zack Davission, is available now! See what people are saying:

“Between the portrait of a happy, well-adjusted gamer and the charming cat, there’s a lot to enjoy about this manga. This is a wonderful read for anyone, particularly for anyone who wants a pet cat but can’t have one. After all, fictional cats are much better behaved.”- Good Comics for Kids, School Library Journal

“This is a fun story and more engaging than you would expect with one of the characters not really speaking at all but the cat does have their own mini-chapters after each one explaining what was happening from the cat’s point of view.”-Impulse Gamer

“Equal parts funny and heartwarming, Cat + Gamer is the perfect manga for cat lovers, gamers, and anyone looking for a lighthearted new read!”-Review Fix

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