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This September Dark Horse will be publishing The Wizard King Trilogy boxed set by Chad Corrie. The set includes the three books in the series (Return of the Wizard King, Trial of the Wizard Kingand Triumph of the Wizard King) which are currently available wherever books are sold. As we prepare for the launch we took a moment to ask Chad a few questions about the new set and the process.

So, let’s start with the basics: can you tell us a little about The Wizard King Trilogy?

The Wizard King Trilogy boxed set collects the saga of the last wizard king of Tralodren and a ragtag group of mercenaries ruin hired to retrieve some forgotten knowledge long hidden away in a jungle-strangled.

These mercenaries think it’s a pretty simple get in, get out, and get paid sort of arrangement. But instead, they find their fates intertwining through a series of hidden agendas, warring gods, ancient schemes, and cosmic adventure centuries in the making.

The idea was to craft a fun, entertaining story for people to enjoy. Given all of what continues to take place in the world it’s important we have things that are more escapist in nature, allowing us to rest, recharge, and visit somewhere less like the environment from which we’re seeking a reprieve.
It has action and adventure and something of a more epic feel in many things, but is still fantasy through and through.

This is your first boxed set (and the first prose boxed set for Dark Horse). What has that been like going through the process?

In some ways it’s rather familiar since publishing at its core is the same process from start to finish. But with boxed sets I’ve learned it can allow for a sense of additional discovery that might have gotten lost the first time around with the original release.

By that I mean we—both Dark Horse and myself—are able to take a look at the core aspect or elements of the entire series and try and boil it down into something we can promote and repackage in some positive way.

I can’t speak for Dark Horse on that part but for myself I was reminded of the action-adventure aspects of the whole series and just how epic some of the later battles became. I’m also reminded just how big of a tale this story ended up being. You don’t really have it register when you’re releasing one title at a time but upon seeing all 1000+ pages of the finished story at once you suddenly understand just how many words you wrote.

Along with the three books and the slipcase, readers will also get a world map with the set. The Wizard King Trilogy previously had maps in each title. How is this one different?

Well, it’s full color for one. And it’s a larger fold out map, allowing those who want to the option of following along as the characters traverse the world. This, though, is only the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere has still yet to be shared.

The second way it’s different is that this was a map that was originally supposed to get published in the books but got voted down, having us go with an alternate route instead. So, all this time I’ve had this map on hand and wanted to share it with others. When the option of the boxed set came along it seemed like a perfect fit.

And, I guess, it’s also large enough to frame if that’s what some folks are into. It’s not too large and not too small, allowing for just enough space to get claimed on a wall.

Is there anything else you wanted to share on the process or the boxed set in general?

Only my thanks to the kind folks at Dark Horse who have so graciously allowed the option to move forward. Not many authors have the privilege of getting a boxed set for one of their series and especially one so soon after said series was completed.

I’m incredibly thankfully for the opportunity and eager to see who this new format will reach. I know the books are still finding new readers every day and this can be yet another option for people to be introduced to the tale.

Where can people find out more about yourself and your works?

The website is always the best place to start: There you can get access to various excerpts, sample readings, reviews, and other things on the series as well as see what else I’m about. That includes producing podcasts.

If you’re more social media inclined you can find me at: @creatorchad on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I also have a newsletter, which you can sign up for at the website.

And there’s a website and social media accounts for Tralodren, if you’d like to dig into more of the world setting: and @tralodren for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks, Chad! The Wizard King Trilogy boxed set publishes September 27th. Pre-orders are available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobleas well as your local comic shop.

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