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Cover Awe: Sweet & Striking

Written by ibxis

Let’s look at some cool covers, shall we?

A Million to One by Adiba Jaigirdar.  An illustration cover of four young woman.  Top middle is a blonde woman in a big, pink hat.  In her gloved hands is a parasol.  Middle right is a brunette with wavy hair.  She is in a blue dress and clutching a strand of pearls.  Bottom middle is a brown-skinned young woman.  Her hair is pulled back in an intricate bun.  She's wearing light pink and wrapping cloth around her hand.  Middle right is another brown-skinned young woman with her dark hair pulled to one side.  She has a glittery blue hair clip in place and is wearing blue and white.  A fountain pen is in her hand.

Cover illustration by Jack Hughes

Cover design by Corina Lupp

Amanda: Lesbian heisting!!

Sarah: I love the nod to Titanic in her hat and parasol!

The Bride Goes Rogue by Joanna Shupe.  A dark haired holding man and woman are wrapped up in cream-colored sheets, hands.

Cover illustration by Anna Kmet

Cover design by Guido Caroti

Amanda: I actually think this cover is really sweet.

I want to hold hands in a big bed!

Carrie: The handholding is a sweet touch.

Claudia I like it too, and it reminds me of a similar Tessa Dare cover — I think A Week to be Wicked.

Elyse: I just requested this one and I want it so bad. I’m in a mood since I started watching The Gilded Age.

American Royalty by Tracey Livesay.  An illustrated cover of a man and a woman.  The man has light skin and dark hair.  He's in a royal uniform.  The woman has deep brown skin and a beautiful, voluminous red dress on with gold hoop earrings and red lipstick.  The background is a deeper red with a quilted pattern and the title fond is in gold.

Cover illustration by Erick Davila

Cover design by Diahann Sturge

Elyse: Yes please!

Amanda: The deep reds are so striking and really make this stand out. Also, I need all the makeup details!

Sarah: I received a print ARC of this, and when I opened the envelope I said, out loud, ‘Oh, WOW.’ In person, this cover glows, I wear.

Station Eternity by Mur Lafferty.  Cover is in creams, blues, and pinks.  It's a silhouetted image of a woman in glasses.  Half the woman is cast in shadow in a deep blue.  In her glasses, which are outlined in a cream color, are the reflection of planets and a bee.

Cover designed by Will Staehle

Amanda: Loving all the use of negative space in the design!!

Sarah: MIDSOLAR MURDERS I see what you did there. And this is extremely interesting design and illustration. I’m so impressed.

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