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Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E10: OMG That Dress

Written by ibxis

We’re down to five suits and Pudding and I are placing our bets on who we think might win.

This is Pudding’s current expression because my husband (aka the butler) kissed her forehead without her consent.

The audacity!


(She also slapped his mouth)

Pudding glares

At the suitor house, Mr. Nazaire reveals that he was the one who outed Mr. Chapman as not being ready for commitment. Mr. Chapman admits that he feels lust and wonders if it will turn into love, while he thinks Nicole is in love with him.

Nicole’s family decides to divide and conquer, with each person spending more time with one of the remaining suitors to determine who is best for Nicole.

That night, everyone attends a pleasure garden with a carousel, fortune telling, fire breathing and dancing.

Extremely random story: I was terrified of carousels as a child.

Pudding: Carousels?

Me: Yes.

Pudding: With the fake horses?

Me: Yes.

Pudding: You’ve spent a lot of money on therapy haven’t you?

Me: Also yes.

So when I was five we went to Disney World and went on the carousel. An elderly lady tried to climb on the horse next to me, went right over the other side and they had to call an ambulance for her (she was fine, just bruised) but regardless, I didn’t go back on a carousel after that .


Nicole has her tea leaves read. The psychic tells her Mr. Hunter is ready for marriage.

Mr. Rémy flat out asks Mr. Bochicchio if he’s ready for marriage. Despite having hedged in the past, Mr. Bochicchio says he is and that his family would welcome Nicole. Mr. Rémy tells the camera that he wasn’t initially a fan of the suitor, but that he feels Mr. Bochicchio evolved.

Mrs. Rémy asks Mr. Cones if his family would accept a Black woman as his wife, and he reveals his mom is Afro-Brazilian and says it wouldn’t be an issue.

The physic also tells Nicole that Mr. Nazaire is open to love.

Pudding: This woman is extremely unhelpful.

Mr. Nazaire reveals that he distanced from his family in last relationship because his family and his partner’s family hated each other. He doesn’t want to do that again and wants someone that his family will embrace. He then proceeds to get absolutely shitfaced.

I’m not sure Mr. Cones is much more super.

Nicole dances with Mr. Bochicchio and Mr. Nazaire tries to cut in. “Fuck off,” says Mr. Bochicchio.

Nicole kisses  Chapman on the carousel

Later Mr. Chapman and Nicole kiss on the carousel.

Pudding: Don’t you mean the horse ride of terror?

Me: Shut up.

Nicole says she thought she wanted marriage and kids right away, but now she realizes he wants someone who looks at her the way Mr. Chapman does.

At the end of the night Nicole’s brother departs for home as his wife is due to give birth soon.

An exterior shot of the castle and the carousel

The next morning Mr. Bochicchio asks Mr. Chapman if he’s still uncertain regarding love and lust. He admits that he is.

Later Mr. Judge and Nicole go on a carriage ride and go apple picking. Nicole reflects that Mr. Judge feels like a safe bet and she isn’t sure he has enough “edge” to him.

Nicole has tea with Mr. Nazaire and he says he wants to be married and have kids, but he doesn’t know when.

In the suitor house, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Bochicchio and Mr. Cones talk about how they envision life with Nicole. Mr. Chapman says, “I can’t imagine living with someone. I can barely live with you guys. There are times when I want to be alone and not communicate for days on end.”

He says he wants periods of separation in a relationship.

Pudding: I believe the youths call this “Friends with Benefits.”

So then it’s time for the Farewell Dance and Nicole has the most amazing green dress on.

Nicole glows in an emerald green sleeveless dress embroidered with colorful flowers.

Mr. Nazaire and Mr. Judge are on the dance card.

Nicole tells Mr. Judge that feels too safe. She questions Mr. Nazaire’s commitment.

In the end she sends Mr. Nazaire home, but keeps Mr. Judge. Mr. Judge says, “My feet are completely numb.”

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