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Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E11&E12: The Finale

Written by ibxis

Pudding, Duchess of Smackington, and I are here to recap the final two episodes of The Courtship.

Pudding is being a typical teenager.

She emerged from her “room” (under the loveseat) to scarf down her food and then immediately went back under.

She’ll come out again later and stay up all night.

Pudding sits on her pet steps in front of our bookcase

The suitors play cards and discuss where they’re at with Nicole. We learn that after last week’s episode, Mr. Chapman overnight stayed with Nicole. He says he needed that time with her because he is less certain of his relationship with her than the other men.

For the day’s activity, everyone is helping prepare an outdoor fête. Nicole and Mr. Chapman collect honey from a beehive. Nicole shrieks a lot. “This is not my jive,” she says. “Regency my ass, I’m never doing this again.”

Later Mr. Chapman tells Mrs. Rémy that the longest he’s spent in one place in the last year was ten days (he lives out of a van). Both Mr. and Mrs. Rémy feel like he’s not ready to settle down.

Mr. Cones and Nicole move on to the next task, milking a goat.

For the record, I love goats. I was at NY Sheep and Wool (aka Rhinebeck) with my mom and one very sassy goat wearing a skull and crossbones collar stole her cane and didn’t want to give it back.

The goat kicks the bucket of milk all over Nicole. Then Mr. Cones takes the milk over to Miss Cleary to make goat cheese.

During all of this, Mr. Bochicchio says he’s still struggling with the fact that Mr. Chapman got an overnight and is still so unsure of wanting to give up his “van life.”

Later that night, Mr. Chapman tells the other suitors that he can’t fall in love with Nicole.

“If things were going to work with Nicole, it would just have to be a really fun fling,” he says.

Mr. Cones is upset with the confession and writes a letter to Nicole telling her what Mr. Chapman said.

The next day, the feast is moved inside due to rain. The anonymous letter from Mr. Cones is delivered during the meal. Nicole reads it and then asks to talk to Mrs. Baker and Miss Cleary.

Nicole cries while Miss Cleary and Mrs.  Baker comfort her

Mr. and Mrs. Rémy excuse themselves so Nicole can talk to the suitors. Nicole reveals that the letter told her that Mr. Chapman knows he can never fall in love with her.

Mrs. Baker looks like she’s about to ask Miss Cleary to hold her purse.

Mr. Chapman tells her it’s true.

Click for Pudding and I

Lucy from I Love Lucy gasps

Pudding: END HIM!

Ms. Cleary and Mrs. Baker says everyone feels disrespected and played.

Nicole tells Mr. Chapman that he told her he was falling in love with her, told her parents that, and that he tells the other men he can never fall in love with her. She starts crying.

Pudding: The cad.

Nicole sends him home.

I love that other dating shows, her sister and bestie are there to offer her comfort and support and to unlike advocate for her–it’s not some PA or host who have an interest in stirring the shit pot.

Then it’s time for the farewell dance. Nicole is wearing this amazing gown that matches her skin tone with black sequined details, but I couldn’t find a picture of it anywhere.

Nicole keeps Mr. Judge and Mr. Bochicchio. Mr. Cones admits to writing the letter. She asks him to stay too.

In the next episode, they step out of the Regency era to see what life would be like at home with the suitors.

First up is Mr. Bochicchio. Over a glass of wine he tells Nicole he could see relocating to Seattle.

Nicole kisses  Bochicchio

Then it’s Mr. Judge’s turn; they meet at a bar for cocktails. He makes her favorite drink for her, a French 75. It’s not great.

Finally Mr. Cones sets up a date “under the stars.” It’s a room with pillows and wine and a projection of the night sky on the ceiling.

Pudding: The actual night sky is just outside…

He tells her he loves going to Joshua Tree National Park. She says that her family does “boat days” on the weekends in the summer.

After the dates we go back to the Regency, but first Nicole has to eliminate someone. She chooses Mr. Cones, saying she appreciates him and she’s sorry that “it’s not you.” They have a tearful goodbye.

The next day the first date goes to Mr. Bochicchio. Nicole is worried because he hasn’t said he love her yet. They go horseback riding.

While they are on their date, Mr. Judge meets with Nicole’s parents. He says he can see a “clear, vivid” picture of him and Nicole starting a family, and that he wants to instill the same values ​​in his family that her parents instilled in her.

Back on their date Bochicchio takes Nicole to a picnic site where he wrote down all the things he couldn’t say to her. Nicole gets teary. Then he tells her he loves her.

Pudding: Better late than never, I guess.

For their date, Mr. Judge produces a key that leads to a secret room in the castle.

Pudding: Oh God, is that where he keeps his wife?

It actually just looks down over the entryway.

Mr. Bochicchio meets with Nicole’s parents and asks permission to move in with Nicole. They question him on his level of commitment he says, “I can’t make any guarantees but I will do my best to make her happy.”


Nicole and Mr. Judge end their date with a picnic. Nicole asks how it will feel to take her home, and Mr. Judge says, “Honestly, Nicole, I don’t know if I’m going home. Seattle sounds real nice.”

The next night it’s time for the Diamond Ball.

Nicole, her court and the host stand in front of the castle

Nicole’s parents tell her they gave their blessing to both suitors.

Nicole dances with Mr. Judge first, then Mr. Bochicchio. Mr. Bochicchio promises her in that future he’ll be able to express himself better. Mr. Judge tells her their connection is stronger.

Nicole and Mr. Judge go outside where they talk and he says he loves her. He tells her she’s the missing piece in his life. Nicole starts to cry and sad music plays.

Pudding: Uh oh.

She tells him that she gets butterflies from someone else and that she’s sorry. Mr. Judge says he’s speechless.

After he leaves, Nicole and Mr. Bochicchio walk by the fountain. He gets down on one knee and proposes. She accepts.

Mr.  Bochicchio proposes to Nicole

After they kiss he asks, “By the way, am I the last suitor here?”

She laughs and says he is. Then they go back to her family and best friend. Everyone cheers.

And that’s the show. What did you think?

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