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Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E6: Bacchanal

Written by ibxis

It’s time for Pudding and I to put down our embroidery and watch The Courtship.

I apologize for the quality of this photo, but this is the look that Pudding gave me after I brushed her for THREE ENTIRE SECONDS.

Mind you, she also had a bowl of warm shredded chicken for dinner and I had been checking on her every 2 hours all day to make sure her heating pad was on.

Call Sarah McLachlan.

Pudding sulks behind a filing cabinet

Pudding: The audacity.

We open with Nicole and Miss Cleary snuggled up in Nicole’s bed. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Mr. Chapman with a breakfast tray. Miss Cleary leaves and Mr. Chapman and Nicole kiss.


Click for Mr. Chapman and Nicole

Mr Chapman and Nicole kiss

Nicole’s parents are away so she decides to host a bacchanal. Every dresses up in vaguely Grecian costumes and drinks lot of champagne.

Then the suitors are challenged to write and recite a poem for Nicole. It’s not great.

Miss Cleary, Nicole and Captain Kim laugh.  The women have cold crowns of leaves and garlands in their hair and are wearing white flowy gowns

Meanwhile there’s some gossip about Mr. Chapman being in Nicole’s bedroom. Mr. Bochicchio is not impressed.

Captain Kim pulls Nicole aside and asks what she’s looking for when the show ends. She says she’s ready for a family. He says that Nicole gave him the ability to trust women again. Then he gives her a bracelet. They kiss.

Captain Kim and Nicole talk

Miss Cleary reveals to the suitors that Nicole’s favorite food is soup.

Nicole asks Mr. Chapman to talk and they walk away from the group. They make out for awhile then go back to Nicole’s room.

Pudding: The scandal!

The other dudes go back to the suitor house and notice Mr. Chapman is gone.

We cut to Nicole’s room where she’s cuddling Mr. Chapman in bed and talking. We see them turn off the lights.

Pudding: And where is her brother in all of this!?

The next morning Mr. Chapman returns to the suitor house looking smug. The other dudes are most displeased.

Captain Kim says he hopes Nicole just let him stay at the castle in one of the spare rooms because it was late.

Pudding: Bless his dear, sweet heart.

Then we learn Mr. Judge has a one-on-one date. Nicole sketches Judge and the results are…okay.

Pudding: Not impressed.

Mr. Judge reveals that he and his four siblings were raised by a mom with a drug problem. He left the home at 13.

Nicole sketches  Judge

They have a picnic and kiss.

Back at the suitor house Captain Kim is still struggling with whether or not Nicole was intimate with Mr. Chapman.

Pudding: I’m sure they spent the evening playing cards…

Then it’s time for the farewell dance and shockingly, Captain Kim asks to be in the farewell dance whether he’s on the card or not.

Mr. Mumbray and Mr. Bochicchio is also on the dance card.

Mr. Mumbray stays. So does Mr. Bochicchio. Then Captain Kim steps up and says he can’t do this anymore.

He says he heard about last night and that he could have “done so much” for Nicole but doesn’t think she has his best interests at heart. She gives him back his bracelet then goes and steps away from the group.

“How the fuck did he find out?” Nicole asks herself tearfully.

Mr. Chapman tells the camera, “He broke a girl down in a public place tonight and made her feel like shit for doing something she shouldn’t feel like shit for. It’s the lowest thing you can do.”

Pudding and I agree that a true gentleman would have simply claimed dysentery or a dying maiden aunt and left discreetly.

Pudding: A good hairball will surely get you out of any engagement.

Mr. Chapman confronts Captain Kim. Captain Kim yells that he’s hiding this from her family.

Mr. Chapman said he’s full of shit and made her cry.

Captain Kim says that Mr. Chapman put her in the position to cry by staying the night. Then he storms off.

And that’s it. Are you watching?

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