Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E8: Mystery Suitor

Last episode Captain Kim stormed off the show after learning that–GASP SCANDAL–Mr. Chapman had spent the night with Nicole.

We open with Nicole telling Mrs. Baker and Miss Cleary that she was upset that Captain Kim revealed her private time with Mr. Chapman to the group.

She says, “If I want to have more intimate time with somebody, I’m an adult and I can do that.”

Pudding is less interested in judgmental contestant drama than she is in the little bit of steak I saved for her.

Pudding lays on a blanket and looks excited for steak.

That night there’s going to be a masquerade ball and Nicole does a badass entrance to Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman.

During the ball, Nicole asks Mr. Bochicchio to make amends with her brother. If you recall, he rudely interrupted dinner. He says, “Maybe.”

Then there’s a knock at the door and another Suitor is revealed.

Pudding: Not this again.

His name is Mr. Nazaire and he’s from Chelsea in the UK, but he went to a French school, apparently. He dances with Nicole and steals a kiss.

Nicole dances with Mr.  Nazaire

Mr. Bochicchio uses the time to reconcile with Dom.

Nicole and Mrs. Baker and Miss Cleary go off into a corner to giggle about how sexy Mr. Nazi is. We learn both Dom and Mr. Nazaire speak French and they visit with one another in French while Mr. Bochicchio looks super annoyed.

Pudding: This is tedious. Have the butler fetch me a sherry.

Me: We don’t have a butler.

Pudding: That large fellow that brings me things. Him.

Me: My husband?

Pudding: You married our butler?

Then we learn Mr. Mumbray and Mr. Nazaire run in the same social circles in London.

Mr. Bochicchio asks Mr. Nazaire if he’d be ready to propose at the end of the show because he says he would. This is a departure from his earlier stance.

Nicole looks stunning in her ballgown it's strapless with points in the front with gold overlap and white tulle or chiffon draped from the bodice over the tops of her arms.  She's also wearing a celestial crown on her head in gold with moons and stars

The next morning we learn Mr. Mumbray worked as a chef in France for three years. He decides to make Nicole a cake; it’s really lovely. He delivers the cake to Nicole, Mrs. Baker, Miss Cleary and Dom. They are all super impressed.

Then Mr. Nazaire shows up and presents Nicole with a bouquet of flowers and a gigantic cake (that I’m assuming is bought not baked by him). He gives Miss Cleary some tea and Dom a sword.

Pudding: There’s such a thing as being too much.

He asks to take Nicole on a date and she agrees, leaving with him. Poor Mr. Mumbray has another slice of cake.

On their date Mr. Nazaire and Nicole infuse gin with herbs and flowers. We learn Mr. Nazaire Face Times his mom five times a day.

Click for Pudding and I

David from Schitt's creek says K

Mr. Bochicchio sends Nicole a note and they meet by the fountain. They talk about what going back to “normal life” would be like for them. We learn he wants kids.

Then it’s time for the farewell ball. Mr. Nazaire is on the dance card, so is Mr. Judge and Mr. Holland. It’s Mr. Holland’s first time on the dance card.

Mr.  Nazaire in a brocade waistcoat and a white shirt with rather puffy sleeves

Nicole tells Mr. Holland that she appreciates their connection, and he says she’s “special” to him. He stays.

She tells Mr. Judge that she feels like their connection has fizzled a little bit. Mrs. Baker notes that he lights up when he talks to her. He stays as well.

Finally she dances with Mr. Nazaire. He stays.

Pudding: No eliminations? Interesting.

And that’s where we end. Are you watching?

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