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HaBO: Black Mustachioed Cowboy Meets Winsome Redhead

Written by ibxis

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO request comes from Regan, who wants to find their first romance:

This was my first ever romance. My cousins ​​and I read it one summer when we were staying at my grandma’s house and discovered her “stash” of romance paperbacks. It was most likely purchased at a Walmart. This would have been in the early 2000s that we read it.

I know it involves a cowboy and is a historical Western. He is mature and has dark hair and a black mustache. He “feathers” kisses on her body with the mustache. She’s a redhead. Don’t remember much about the plot besides they are married and she is pregnant by the end of the book. I think he fingers her in front of a mirror when she’s pregnant.

It may have been a marriage of convenience, I don’t think it was enemies or friends to lovers, although she was averse to his charms at first.

He calls her his “chit” I think and I want to say his name is Colt because of course it is.

I’ve searched high and low on Google and doubt my cousins ​​would remember anything about it. They were both on the cover from what I recall, she may have been in a light blue dress.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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