HaBO: He Carves Her Nativity Figurines

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This HaBO comes from Aly, who is hoping to find this romance:

I cross-posted this on r/whatsthatbook as well but I’m just hoping to find an answer! I remember reading this book while I was in junior high or high school, so about 2008-2012. I don’t believe it was terribly old at that time but I can’t be sure because my friend and I used to borrow from her grandma’s romance stash. Her grandma worked at a Walmart at the time and was always bringing new books home from the small book section.

Here’s what I remember from the book:

– It was a paperback, written in English. The setting was in England, I believe in the 1800s, so it was probably a Regency or Victorian romance

– I remember the overall story but not all of the minutiae – man kidnaps woman in some kind of revenge plot. I think he had just inherited a title but needed money and/or wanted revenge. I think the revenge was actually on his own uncle? The two of them spend a lot of time in a carriage or on their own so there weren’t many other characters to remember.

– Most of what I remember comes later in the novel. The couple eventually gets married and is holed up somewhere during a snowstorm (during/after Christmas, I think) and the man carves something for her out of wood (I think it was a nativity scene or figures) since it’s their first whatever-holiday and he can’t just go out and buy her something. (I underlined that part because no matter the other details, this is what I remember the most vividly.)

– I believe the lady ends up in a carriage accident right before the book concludes. I also think the man’s name/title/nickname was “Ash” but that may be me mixing up the details of other novels.

I’ve thought about this book many times over the years and I would love to read it again to see why it’s stuck with me so much. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance!

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