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HaBO: Reporters Meet While Covering Royal Wedding

Written by ibxis

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO is from Elizabeth, who is looking for this contemporary romance:

The first romance I ever read featured a reporter hero (I’m 99% sure his name was Theo) and a reporter heroine who met while covering the royal wedding of Charles and Diana. I remember the heroine had fiery red hair and violet eyes. I think the hero was Greek and Theo was the shortened version of his name.

This book was set in the 1980s, so I assume it was written around that time. In my mind, I seem to remember the cover having a red background and/or spine.

The book was pretty steamy in my opinion (although I was too young to be reading it, so there’s that). I don’t remember much of the plot, but the book starting during the royal wedding sticks in my mind.

Shall we HaBO?

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