Happy Places to Boost Your Serotonin

It has been a week, also a month, a few years, and everything is a lot. I asked the reviewer team to share some of their favorite serotonin-boosting happy places online, from Instagram feeds to YouTube Channels to physical locations we love.

My latest online happy place is Cloud Gardener UK on YouTube. Jason Williams lives on an 18th floor apartment in Manchester and has the most incredible balcony garden. He was recently accepted into the Chelsea Flower Show to highlight his container garden. I’ve followed a few of his tips and they’re wonderful. I love, love, love this channel .

One of my happy places offline is Ooh La La Bakery in Wheaton, Maryland. It’s relatively new, and the Viennoiserie and patisserie is exquisite. I love getting pastry for everyone on weekends. For me, pan au chocolat is a food I most often eat on vacation, and to have it on a random weekend gives me such a boost.

Closeup image of a woman holding and reading a book with a piece of croissant in a plate on wooden table again with the fork who uses a fork?
Even Stock Images recognize the power of croissants and books!

Shana: Paula Sutton’s Hillhouse Vintage content brings me a lot of joy. It’s lovely to see an older woman living her best #cottagecore life, complete with fancy cake, pretty dresses, and happy plants in her garden. And she just exudes kindness and compassion in a way that never fails to make me happy.

Paula Sutton of Hill House Vintage in front of her home with.  table al fresco set for eight with green chairs.  Paula is a Black woman with a beautiful smile and she is wearing red lipstick and a green print dress in this image, and she's holding a BIG CAKE
Paula Sutton of Hill House Vintage

Sarah: I love Hill House Vintage so much.

Lara: My online place for happy vibes is @mommyfarmer on TikTok. Currently there are baby goats and the daily updates are adorable.

Then there’s @coasterandbuttercup the story of a horse and their emotional support goat. Love it!

What about you? Where do you go for a boost, online and off?

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