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Hellboy and the BPRD: Old Man Whittier by Mike Mignola, Gabriel Hernández Walta, Clem Robins, and Dave Stewart is now available! See what people are saying:

“Like Mignola, artist Gabriel Hernández Walta is a multiple Eisner award recipient skill with the pencil brings an air of tension and secrecy to the plot….Hellboy and the BPRD: Old Man Whittier reimagines the age-old horror tropes of haunted houses, dangerous secrets, and zombified monstrosities, adding to the already rich history of the Hellboy comic books. The one-shot is emblematic of Mignola’s signature style — a quiet opening that avalanches into a thrilling adventure and ends with an explosive conclusion. Even though the titular character only plays a minor role in the story, the enthralling storytelling and equally great art are bound to captivate casual readers and Hellboy fans alike.” —CBR

“Mike Mignola channels his original style of Hellboy storytelling, delivering a one-off story with connections to past (and perhaps future) narratives that gives the fine balancing act of horror and comedy. Artist Gabriel Hernández Walta makes their presence known in a big way with the one-shot as well, bringing a flair to their art that gives this entire story a pulpy texture.”

Old Man Whittier contains all the charms that are hallmarks of the series, and it’s got eye-poppingly beautiful artwork from Gabriel Hernández Walta, whose style here might not exactly represent the visual style of the franchise to that new reader, but which will nonetheless stun them, cement for them Hellboy’s hulking, gruff, and often bemused presence.”—AIPT COMICS

“In a series that routinely has beautiful art, Walta and Stewart’s work still stands out as exceptional.”—Multiversity

Hellboy And The BPRD: Old Man Whittier is yet another stellar one-shot in a series chock-full of stellar one-shots. Mike Mignola pens a script that blends investigative mystery, haunted-house horror, and that signature brand of Hellboy humor all into one entertaining script. The visuals from Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Dave Stewart nail the aesthetic both for the Hellboy universe and as a horror comic. Great character acting, steadily paced composition, and perfectly timed reveals all make this issue a lesson in how to craft a great single comic book.”—Monkeys Fighting Robots

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