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The differences between cats and dogs have never been funnier! In this hilarious story from the illustrator of I Don’t Want to Be a Frog, a little girl really, really wants a dog . . . but gets a cat instead!

“Look what I got for my birthday! A pet dog!” says a little girl holding a . . . cat? Rocky doesn’t listen or obey like all the other dogs. (Because Rocky is a cat.) And Rocky hates her leash and doesn’t seem to like other dogs. (Probably because Rocky is a cat.) And rather than play fetch, Rocky prefers to . . . lick between her toes? Ew. Rocky is a bad “dog”! BUT Rocky doesn’t bark, and is so cute when she sleeps in sunny spots. Maybe Rocky IS a good dog? (Or, you know, maybe Rocky is a cat.)

Cat lovers and dog lovers alike will howl with laughter at this little girl’s willful insistence that her cat is a dog. The hilarious ways in which cats and dogs are different are brilliantly illuminated with each turn of the page and will leave young readers and their grown-ups giggling.


The premise is adorable. A little girl has one thing on her birthday wish list – a dog! So what does she get? Um, a dog? But this “dog” doesn’t act like a dog. In stead of going for walks, this “dog” likes to play with shoe laces and Rocky’s tricks aren’t like any in the Dog Trix book. Rocky won’t sit, or stay, or fetch, or roll over. In fact Rocky is a bad dog. But maybe Rocky could be a better cat.

The story is cute but the illustrations are fantastic. I think this is a book that children and adults will equally enjoy. B+

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A heartwarming book about expectations, surprises, and a cat named Doggie. For animal lovers ages 4 years and up.

A little boy wants a dog and is surprised when a cat comes to live at his house. Can this cat play fetch? NO! Can this cat do tricks? NO! Can this cat replace a dog? Maybe. Maybe this cat is just what a little boy needs.


A little boy wants a dog. He doesn’t care if it’s big or small or cute or ugly. He would play with it, love it, and it would be his best friend. But mom suggests a goldfish. A goldfish? Then one rainy night, guess what shows up at their door. A cat. Can this little boy adjust his expectations and discover all the fun things he and a cat can do?

I’m actually with the little boy about how I’d feel if one of my cats presented me with a spider she caught – yeah, gross. Luckily mine are too lazy to do that. But, after the family first tries to find Doggie’s family, it’s fun to watch the boy and “Doggie” bond until the boy realizes Doggie really is his best friend. B

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A fluffy, nap-loving cat goes on the (fur-raising!) outing of a lifetime in this funny and gorgeously illustrated adventure about finding your inner tough kitty.

Poopsie the cat spends her days licking her paws and rubbing her ears and looking fluffy, until the pushy narrator of this story pressures her to do something a little less boring. Adventure is waiting, after all! So off Poopsie goes, out the cat door, across the lawn, and . . . through a gate covered in Danger signs. Soon Poopsie is lost in a jungle full of menace, from a vine that’s actually a snake to a crew of tigers to a river full of crocodiles! All the while the narrator keeps pushing her to keep going. Will fluffy little Poopsie make it out of the jungle in one piece?


Poopsie might look like just an ordinary, pampered, fluffy, pink bow wearing cat. But don’t discount her. Poopsie is up for some adventure! Maybe just not as much jungle adventure as the narrator is urging Poopsie to do. Pythons, crocodiles, tigers! Hold on a minute. When the adventures get a little more than Poopsie was counting on, watch Poopsie discover her inner “pink bow turned headband” wearing badass kitty. Poopsie also remembers who got her into this mess and manages to turn the tables – just a little. I think adults and children will enjoy watching Poopsie rise to the occasion and figure out how to save herself and manage to get back to her puffy bed. B

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