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Kids’ Book Review: Review: Flooded

Written by ibxis

Flooded is a special debut book that is the result of author and illustrator Mariajo Ilustrajo’s Masters in Children’s Book Illustration, and her winning the World Illustration Award in 2020.

It’s the story of an ordinary city and its citizens who are depicted as animals.

The animals go about their lives, noticing that something is happening. All except one who realises that the city is a little bit wet.

The many other animals don’t take any notice of just one animal. They carry on as normal.

The only sign they show of knowing something is going on, is a bit of gossip. Perhaps it being damp is the result of someone who left the tap on? Or maybe it’s because of politicians?

Whatever the reason, the animals are surprised at some of the changes, but not enough to do anything about them. That’s until, as the water continues to rise and flood the city, more of the animals realise something needs to be done.

The water has become a much bigger problem, but is it too late to do something? And what should they do? Could they have worked together and found a solution earlier, before it became such a big problem?

Flooded It is a reminder to address problems sooner rather than later. It has a clear environmental message, but themes of not procrastinating or ignoring issues, and working together, can apply to many other situations as well.

Modern, yet retro, and beautifully illustrated in black and white with swathes of blue. Flooded is about a timely and important subject, and highly recommended.

Title: Flooded

Author/Illustrator: Mariajo Ilustrajo

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s, $24.99

Publication Date: May 2022

Format: hardcover


For ages: 3+

Type: Picture Book

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