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Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to Be Kin #1, by Geof Darrow, Dave Stewart, and Nate Piekos, is available now in comic shops! See what people are saying:

“This book is absolutely gorgeous, as expected. Geof Darrow dazzles the senses with the insanely detailed backgrounds and glorious character work. The fluidity of the action in this book is totally amazing. The density of each panel is really a master class in illustration. “-Pop Culture Squad

“Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin is a work of art in more ways than one. It’s positively weird, and likely the weirdest comic you’ll read all year. Pair that weirdness with the incredible visuals and Shaolin Cowboy will take your breath away There’s nothing else like Shaolin Cowboy in comics or in any other media.”-AiPT

“The art is amazing, like a germ that multiplies into thousands of details that pleasantly overwhelm the vision. The fighting poses and the dynamism of the sequential art is incredible.”-Un Comics Mas Review

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