The Patron Thief of Bread, by Lindsay Eagar

Book Review of The Patron Thief of BreadThe Children’s Book Review Written by Lindsay Eagar Ages 10-14 | 448 pages Publisher: Candlewick | ISBN-13: 978-1536204681 What to Expect: Poverty, Family, Friendship, Loyalty. Duck isn’t what you’d expect from a thief. Fished from the river by street children when she was just a baby, she’s quiet, … Read more

I’ll Go and Come Back, by Rajani LaRocca

Book Review of I’ll Go and Come BackThe Children’s Book Review What to expect: Family, Distance, and India I’LL GO AND COME BACK is one of the sweetest, most heartwarming picture books there is on the topic of missing family. Little Jyoti arrives in India, full of excitement and wonder. Everything is different than what … Read more