The Patron Thief of Bread, by Lindsay Eagar

Book Review of The Patron Thief of BreadThe Children’s Book Review Written by Lindsay Eagar Ages 10-14 | 448 pages Publisher: Candlewick | ISBN-13: 978-1536204681 What to Expect: Poverty, Family, Friendship, Loyalty. Duck isn’t what you’d expect from a thief. Fished from the river by street children when she was just a baby, she’s quiet, … Read more

The Best Middle Grade Books of 2020

A booklist of the best middle grade books of 2020.The Children’s Book Review Even though there are so many things from the year 2020 that we wish did not happen, there are a lot of amazing books that were released that year. Here’s a list of 30 books (middle grade novels for kids) that we … Read more

The Raven Heir, by Stephanie Burgis

Book Review of The Raven HairThe Children’s Book Review Written by Stephanie Burgis Ages 10-14 | 224 Pages Publisher: Bloomsbury | ISBN-13: 9781547606375 What to Expect: Family, politics, magic, social responsibility. The Raven Hair is the perfect blend of exciting fantasy adventure and social justice commentary. Confined her whole life to a lonely castle in … Read more

The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve, by Eoin Colfer

Book Review of The Fowl Twins Get What They DeserveThe Children’s Book Review Written by Eoin Colfer Ages 10-14 | 320 Pages Publisher: Disney-Hyperion | ISBN-13: 9781368075671 What to Expect: Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, and Technology Fans of Colfer’s Artemis Fowl and Fowl Twins series will love this new development in the twins’ ongoing adventures. Lord … Read more

How Books Give Teens the Tools to Process Feelings

This article about emotional intelligence and reading was provided by Angela Legh.The Children’s Book Review Reading fiction books is known to promote empathy by pulling the readers into the world of the characters and giving them insight into their thoughts and feelings. Unlike in the real world, where we do not know what is going … Read more