The Crabtree Monsters, by Chris Wieland

Book Review of The Crabtree MonstersSponsored | All are opinions of our ownThe Children’s Book Review The Crabtree Monsters Written by Chris Wieland Ages 10+ | 384 Pages Publisher: The Smart Aleck Press | ISBN-13:9798985701302 What to Expect: Divorce, money, bullying, problem-solving, determination. Crabtree has seen better days, and so has everything in it – … Read more

Ancient World Magnified, by David Long

Book Review of Ancient World MagnifiedThe Children’s Book Review Written by David Long Illustrated by Andy Rowland Ages 5-10 | 48 Pages Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions | ISBN-13: 9780711249721 What to Expect: History, technology, civilization, ancient mysteries. Evocative of a cross between a DK history book and a Where’s Waldo activity book, Ancient World Magnified … Read more