The Crabtree Monsters, by Chris Wieland

Book Review of The Crabtree MonstersSponsored | All are opinions of our ownThe Children’s Book Review The Crabtree Monsters Written by Chris Wieland Ages 10+ | 384 Pages Publisher: The Smart Aleck Press | ISBN-13:9798985701302 What to Expect: Divorce, money, bullying, problem-solving, determination. Crabtree has seen better days, and so has everything in it – … Read more

The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve, by Eoin Colfer

Book Review of The Fowl Twins Get What They DeserveThe Children’s Book Review Written by Eoin Colfer Ages 10-14 | 320 Pages Publisher: Disney-Hyperion | ISBN-13: 9781368075671 What to Expect: Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, and Technology Fans of Colfer’s Artemis Fowl and Fowl Twins series will love this new development in the twins’ ongoing adventures. Lord … Read more