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Testing Some Image Weirdness in our Feed

Written by ibxis

Howdy y’all! I’ve noticed that images in posts are showing up in the RSS feed as duplicates, which is weird.

And often the most effective way for me to test a potential bug is to attempt to create it on purpose.

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Catherine Ohara looks off to the side and raises her eyerbows

I’m not sure what’s going on, so I’m writing up some words (like these!) and then dropping in random images. Still and animated! Big Fun!

An Orange tabby sits on at shirt quilt in progress laid out on the floor

Here’s Wilbur sitting on my latest quilt project, a t-shirt quilt of my younger child’s outgrown favorite shirts. The shirts are joined into blocks by the printed blue flannel.

And here’s a meme I saved because it cracked me up!

An illustration of Alice in wonderland having tea with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in blue dresses with white pinafores.  Alice is looking at her teacup saying I've seen some weird shit.

So thanks for reading my attempts to test out the feed images in the daily email. Now back to your regular Bitchery mayhem. Take care of yourself and have a soothing day!

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