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The doctor will see you now… Martin Walker

Written by ibxis

Back for a rare second consultation with Dr Noir is former Guardian foreign correspondent-turned-crime writer Martin Walker as the latest edition of The Doctor Will See You now explores his series set in rural France and featuring Bruno Courrèges – known to crime fiction lovers everywhere as Bruno, Chief of Police.

Martin has been a visitor to the Perigord region for 40 years, and has lived there for 20, so it seems only right that his books are steeped in the place and its history. “The way you write totally transports the reader,” says our host, Dr Jacky Collins. “There is such flavor and texture – it’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself.”

Discussion turns to the latest book to the much loved series. To Kill a Troubadour is number 15 of the Bruno novels, with a narrative that touches on both modern day issues and not so recent history when a beloved traveling musician writes a political song that becomes a surprise hit and stirs up a lot of trouble in the process.

Settle back back and prepare to find out more in a wide-ranging discussion that touches on everything from cheese and music, to the Knights of the Round Table!

Click here or use the link below if you would like to try Martin’s new novel.

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