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THE IHEARDS by Emily Kilgore and Zoe Persico

THE IHEARDS has the same team behind it as The Whatifs (how lucky am I?!) and you’ll see by the cover that Zoe Persico did as amazing of a job illustrating THE IHEARDS as she did with The Whatifs! Readers are going to love finding similarities between the two books (and perhaps even spot a cameo by Cora and Stella!). I am so excited to share the cover of THE IHEARDS with all of you and cannot wait for you to read it this fall! THE IHEARDS is available for preorder now and will be in stores September 6, 2022. You can find more information on my website at

From the Publisher:

Mason is struggling with his Iheards in this picture book about gossip from the author/illustrator team behind The Whatifs.

It didn’t matter if the Iheards were true or made-up, harmless or hurtful.

As soon as Mason thought about them, the Iheards burst out.

Mason is constantly gossiping about everyone. Because of this, the Iheards love him. They sneak up to him and whisper all kinds of rumors in his ear: real things or pretend, innocent or mean. As he prepares for an upcoming history presentation, the Iheards buzz all around, making him blurt out more rumors than usual. Will he be able to change from spreading gossip to sharing something more positive?

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