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The Lonesome Hunters #1 by Tyler Crook is now available in comic shops! See what people are saying:

“The Lonesome Hunters #1 is an intriguing new take on the occult and the otherworldly forces that lurk unseen within the mundane. The new series by Tyler Crook of BPRD: Hell on Earth and Harrow County fame introduces a pair of unlikely heroes – Howard, A cowardly old man with a magic sword and a dark past, and Lupe, who finds an old silver watch and inadvertently attracts the attention of an otherworldly force. Crook’s artwork is fantastic to behold and it’s amazing how he can take mundane creatures like magpies and stags and turn them into malevolent forces. I am happy to say that this comic is exactly my jam and I can’t wait for the next issue.” –

“Crook is a masterful storyteller who has already laid the groundwork for a new and fascinating mythology with this first issue.” – Biff Bam Pop

“You can tell Crook has lived with Howard and Lupe for ten years, because his pages are filled with such care in revealing who they are, inviting the reader to live moments through them, capturing with such precision their subjective qualia. It’s a wonderful thing to read a book and feel in your bones what it would be like to stand in the room depicted on the page—the atmosphere is palpable.”-Multiversity Comics

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