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Veronica Miller Jamison and John Schu in Conversation About This is a School

Happy Thursday! This Is a School comes out next week! Please join Veronica Miller Jamison and me on March 31 at 6:00 pm CDT for our VIRTUAL LAUNCH. There will be giveaways, a drawing demonstration, and more. Register HERE.

Candlewick’s Description:

A moving celebration of school and all it may signify: work and play, creativity and trust, and a supportive community that extends beyond walls.

A school isn’t just a building; it is all the people who work and learn together. It is a place for discovery and asking questions. A place for sharing, for helping, and for the community. It is a place of hope and healing, even when that community can’t be together in the same room. John Schu, the Bookelicious librarian and former Ambassador of School Libraries for Scholastic, crafts a loving letter to schools and the people that make up the communities within a picture book debut beautifully illustrated by Veronica Miller Jamison.

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