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Whatcha Reading? June 2022, Part Two

Written by ibxis

Hey, everyone! It’s that time again! Please tell us what you’ve been reading and if you haven’t been reading anything, that’s okay too!

Shana: I have a kindle unlimited trial and I’ve been burning through KU romances. My favorite so far is the short story Fall Into You by Georgina Kiersten. It’s a small town f/f about a chubby graphic designer whose childhood friend is now hot, butch and recently moved to town to open a coffeehouse. Totally low-conflict and low-stress, with a simple plot that offered no surprises but plenty of sweetness. I read it during a heat wave, and found the fall setting very soothing.

Fall Into You

Sarah: I am reading The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes. ( A | BN | K | AB ) The fact that the hero’s name is Rob is giving me such levels of joy. JOY I TELL YOU.

I also just finished the memoir Dinner for One by Sutanya Dacres ( A | BN | K | AB ) to prepare for a podcast interview. Dinner for One is also Sutanya’s podcast about preparing dinner for one after she married a French dude, moved to Paris, then was divorced a few years later. The memoir comes with recipes – an excellent addition to any memoir! The story of the memoir itself is very thoughtful, with elements of identity, language, existing across several cultures, and rebuilding or restarting one’s life in a new place.

Adjacent to all the algorithm recs for middle age or menopausal magic heroine paranormals, I am receiving So Many Bare Midriff and Leather Pants with a Sword book recs, too. What’s your rec carousel look like?

Shana: Um, I would like to play in your KU playground of leather pant-clad magic crones.

At first, my kindle app kept recommending Colleen Hoover books and thrillers about dead women. Now, it’s moved on to sex on cruise ships, and Brenda Jackson books.

Sarah: Oh, no the midriff sword ladies are not the menopause ladies. I’d have MANY QUESTIONS because leather pants have always seemed like a dreadfully uncomfortable sartorial choice, but especially while sword-wielding.

Sex on cruise ships…and Brenda Jackson. Oooooook?

The Stand-In

I also find it fascinating that the menopausal magic books are all toned in fuchsia, pink, deep cobalt, or all of the above.

Shana: I would prefer my magic menopausal books be the color of the blood of my enemies

The cruise ship romances are especially entertaining because it’s not a trope I typically read. Apparently my kindle thinks I really need a vacation.

Sarah: Listen to your Kindle. Your Kindle knows.

Elyse: I am just at the beginning of The Stand In by Lily Chu on audio. It’s narrated by Philippa Soo from Hamiliton.

Claudia: Midway through A Lady for a Duke and loving it, regency romance with a transwoman main character and a friends-to-lovers plot.

Carrie: Reading Love Code by Ann Aguirre (A): it’s good, but not as good as Strange Love and I’m having a hard time staying focused. Also reading Hide by Kiersten White.

Who are all these menopausal magic users? I require details!

What are you reading? Tell us below!

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