Whatcha Reading? May 2022, Part One

It’s about that time! Time to tell us what you’re reading!

Claudia: I just finished The Belle of Belgrave Square by Mimi Matthews, ( A | BN | K | AB ) coming out in October, and I enjoyed it. It’s a bit Beauty and the Beast meets The Blue Castle. It even kept me up way past my bedtime, which hadn’t happened in a long time, LOL. I was on a long reading slump in which I re-read a ton of my favorites and mourned that some of their authors haven’t had a new romance in a long time.

Shana: I’ve been burning my way through Olivia Dade’s and Sherry Thomas’s backlist lately. I just finished 40-Love( A | BN | K | AB ) which was fabulous, and now I’m reading Not Quite a Husband. ( A | K | G | AB | Au ) I have been forewarned about the dubcon issue in the book, so we’ll see.

Sneezy: I’ve just started Fierce Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.

Fierce Self-Compassion
A | BN | K | AB

The title really resonates with me, because I’ve found a lot of times showing myself compassion requires a very high level of proactive energy. It is combative in that I’m fighting off old programming, but I’m needing to pull from much deeper within myself and actually put effort in instead of just reacting. I’m hoping the book affirms my feelings and expands my understanding

Carrie: I’m slogging through Flirting With Fifty ( A | BN | K | AB ) and Dopesick, two books that are failing to compel me for different reasons. And I just finished Comeuppance Served Cold by Marion Deeds( A | BN | K | AB ) a heist novel that was MUCH more satisfying!

Maya: I’m listening to The Disordered Cosmos by Chanda Prescod Weinstein. It’s like listening to my brilliant friend tell me all about her impressive and complex work in ways that make it accessible and engaging. She also is sitting honestly with the reality of how hard it is to work in a field (astrophysics!) that rigidly adheres to the mythos of the singular, brilliant white man being who advances the field. I also love that the author is struggling out loud with an issue I’m always thinking about as I am often one of the few (or only) in majority white spaces in my field — since I’ve managed to be fairly successful in those spaces, is my success rooting in me being compliant or am I here because I have been successfully resistant to the norms of my field? Have I succeeded because I have followed and appropriately moved the rules of white supremacy and the patriarchy or am I here despite all those rules? Have I been copted? Despite my work, does my work actually intend uphold and maintain the very systems of oppression that I actually want to dismantle? Anyway, read the book, it’s way more fun than watching me spiral! And there are quarks!!

The Disordered Cosmos
A | BN | K | AB

Tara: I think I might finally be getting back on the reading train after a month of being joined at the hip with my Nintendo. I’m reading The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune, which is exactly as lovely as everyone has been saying. Given the current, multi-pronged trashfire that is the world, it feels like the perfect story to hide in.

Elyse: I’m debating what to start next, romantic comedy or a thriller?

Maya: Romcom!!!! I think we all need a giggle right now.

What are you reading? Let us know in the comments!

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