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Whatcha Reading? May 2022, Part Two

Written by ibxis

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Hey all! It’s our last Whatcha Reading for May!

We want to know what you’ve been reading, and if you haven’t been able to focus on reading this month, that’s also okay! If there’s something else you’ve been doing or enjoying, you’re welcome to drop that in the comments too.

Elyse: I’m reading The Last to Vanish by Megan Miranda ( A | BN | K | AB )

Shana: I just finished Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon ( A | BN ) and I’m about to start Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

Sarah: I’m reading A Marvelous Lightand it’s delightful and perfect for staying-inside-because-it’s-so-hot-out.

Tara: Okay, okay, so still not back in the reading groove, but how about a video game with a strong narrative element? Because I gobbled the game Citizen Sleeper two days. It’s kind of like Blade Runner meets Mass Effectwith scarcity driving gameplay, and “fuck capitalism” as the overall message.

Sarah: Oh my gosh that sounds incredible.

Tara: It really is! Neil loved it so much he got me and one of our best friends to play it and all three of us agree that it’s excellent.

Carrie: I am near the end of The Book of Living Secrets by Madeline Roux, in which two teenage girls enter the world of their favorite book, a historical romance, and instead fin themselves in a Lovecraftian horror novel. The concept is better than the writing but it has held my attention.

Sneezy: The webtoon Our Secret Alliance is just starting and I’m already invested in the characters. Fake dating, pining, young angst.

It’s cute, the conflicts feel more chill (though I completely empathize with how big they must feel to the characters), and is a VERY GOOD THING to distract by brain with because I’m also following I Raised a Black Dragon on Manta and the villain is so far proving to be unscrupulous, brutal, and worst of all, very competent. He’s so far one step ahead of the main characters and making excellent use of his magical, social, and political powers much more dynamically AND he has information that the main characters don’t. The art in that webtoon is so fucking cute, why must it stress me out like this???

Lara: I have been reading the Murderbot books by Martha Wells and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. So much heart! So much adventure! Literally cannot stop reading them.

What have you been reading or enjoying? Tell us below!

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